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Once search results are displayed, this process outlines the different actions that can be taken using the Research Clearinghouse, which offers a comprehensive collection of references to research articles and other publications focused on K-12 online and blended learning.


To view the details of a specific record, tap on the View button located at the bottom of the returned records, which will display the corresponding record's details.

The Record is sown for Michigan's K-12 Virtual Learning Effectiveness Report. Stamp A is shown to the right of this title. Stamp B is displayed next to Citation below the title. Stamp C is located under citation text. Stamp D is shown next to Authors. Stamp E is displayed next to Reference Type and stamp F is located next to Keywords.

  1. Add a record to your Library by tapping on the star icon. This enables you to Export Records for Use.
  2. To acknowledge the ideas of other researchers, you can copy the Citation text and paste it into your own work.
  3. An Abstract is a brief summary of an academic text, such as a journal article or dissertation. It serves two main purposes: (1) to help readers assess the relevance of your paper to their own research, and (2) to convey your key findings to those who may not have time to read the entire text.
  4. The Authors refer to the researchers who contributed to a particular publication or research article.
  5. The Reference Type displays the type of publication.
  6. This section contains Keywords related to the publication or research article.

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