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At times, users may need to narrow search results to locate specific research articles and other publications from the field of K-12 online and blended learning. This process describes how to search for those resources using the Research Clearinghouse.


  1. From the Research Clearinghouse website tap the Advanced Search tab. As a result, a list of fields will be displayed to allow you to narrow your returned results. The Advanced Search tab is selected with an arrow pointing to it at the top of the page. Fields shown are as outlined below. The Search Results and Your Library sections are also displayed at the bottom of the page.
  2. Next, choose to narrow your results by modifying one or more of the following search fields. To move on to the next search field simply click outside of the box shown. 
    1. Abstract/Title: If a research article or publication title is known, type the name in this open text field. Image of the Abstract Title field with an arrow pointing to the open text field below.
    2. Authors: If you wish to view research articles or publications from a specific author(s), select a name(s) from the drop-down options.
      Note: You may also type a name in this field to quickly locate an author name verses scrolling the list. 
      Image of the Authors field menu expanded. Arrows point to names in the drop-down options as well as to the selected names.Additionally, choose to either Include any selected authors or Include all selected authors.
      Image shows the Authors field with Include any selected authors radio button selected.
    3. Keywords: To search for keywords within the research articles or publications, select the keyword(s) from the drop-down options. Use the radio options to either Include any selected keywords or Include all selected keywordsKeyword field is shown with evaluation selected as well as radio option of include any selected keywords.
    4. Publication Year and/or Date Added to Directory: Select the applicable year(s) to filter by or leave blank to search all available years.An arrow points to the empty field below Publication Year and to the Date Added to Directory field with 2020 and 2021 years selected.
    5. Reference Type: Reference Type field is shown with Abstract and Book selected.
  3. Then choose either 'Bibliography Only' or 'Bibliography and Abstract' from the Display Options drop-down field.The Display Options field is shown with an arrow pointing to the drop-down options.
  4. Finally, tap the Search button at the bottom of the page to display your filtered results. From this point, you may View Record Details.
    Note: Pressing the Reset link will clear all filters and allow you to perform a new search. Image showing the Search button located beneath the Display Options field. An arrow points to the Search button located to the left of the Reset link.

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