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Advanced Placement (AP) Course Policy

Late Assignments

  • Student receives a 20% reduction on the earned score for a late assignment, including tests and quizzes, turned in within one week of the due date.
  • Student receives a 40% reduction on the earned score for a late assignment, including tests and quizzes, turned in within two weeks of the due date.
  • Work submitted more than two weeks late will be reviewed but given a 0.
  • In extenuating circumstances, a student must work directly with the instructor and mentor to develop and request reasonable alternative due dates on particular assignments/tests, in order to avoid a score reduction in assignment or exam grades.

Feedback on Tests and Final Exam

  • All midterms and finals MUST be proctored – no exceptions.
  • “proctored” means that mentor is supervising the test as student is taking it.
  • Students are not allowed to redo a test, midterm, or final exam.
  • Option provided at instructor discretion: Allow opportunities for students to retry a problem or assignment, with guiding feedback.  Provide answers when necessary, but feedback may need to be limited if students submit work early – this is to prevent cheating and is specific to students who submit work several days prior to the due date.

End Dates

  • All core content material in AP courses must be completed prior to the nationally scheduled AP exam date.* The instructor must relay the specifics of this end date to the mentor and student in the welcome letter. Any content work submitted beyond the AP exam date will be given a 0.
  • Allow students to take the final exam after the AP Exam when encouraged or necessary by the student’s school district.
  • A student cannot complete missed work to improve a score after the final exam is taken.
    Note: The Post AP Modules are designed to support student working after the AP exam, NOT to boost GPAs
    • The Post AP modules must be completed in full to receive credit
    • Mentors MUST inform Michigan Virtual of student participation in the Post AP modules during the mid-term survey

*Does not apply to AP Chinese

Pacing and Due Dates

  • All sections of a course should have the same pacing schedule and due dates.
  • There ARE required due dates in Advanced Placement courses.
    Note: Due dates are aligned to Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Resubmission of Assignments

  • Per instructor discretion and based on original quality and effort of student work, resubmission may be allowed on an assignment that has been submitted on time, but expectations regarding due date and the percent reduction MUST be clearly stated in feedback provided. It is preferred the same standard is applied for all sections of the same course.

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