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Course Review


All course syllabi offered in the statewide catalog must be reviewed according the Guidelines & Model Review Process published by Michigan Virtual. This process describes how to add course syllabi review information to Michigan’s Online Course Catalog.

Third party courses are also subject to the Model Review Process for Online Courses. Once this review is complete, results of the review will be published to the Michigan’s Online Course Catalog. The inherent benefit for districts who wish to create offerings using third party provider syllabi is that this review is already completed and in place at the point of a catalog offering creation, and will not have to be conducted a second time.


  1. First, tap Courses on the top menu bar. 
  2. Next, tap the Reviews link for the appropriate course.
    Note: Course offerings will only appear to public users searching the Local District and Statewide catalogs where the course review contains all iNACOL and NSQ ratings.Screen capture of the Courses page shows arrows pointing to the Courses tab and to the Reviews link in the results table. There is a search area with filters to apply and the Reviewed filter is populated with "No."
  3. To add a review, tap the Create Review drop-down button to select the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Courses or NSQ National Standards for Quality Online Courses option.
    An arrow points to the Create Review drop-down button which is expanded to show options as mentioned above.
  4. Now, utilize this page apply a rating and if applicable, comment to each standard.
    Note: The first Rating drop-down field will apply the same rating to all standards.
  5. Then select the appropriate option within the Reviewed By and Date Of Review fields.
    Note: If your review was conducted by an organization that is not in the drop-down menu, please contact the Customer Care Center.
  6. Finally, tap the Submit button to apply your changes.
    Screen capture of the bottom of the NSQ raiting page. An arrow points to the Submit button just below the Review Completed At date picker.

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