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Add Student Performance Information

Intended Audience: District Users 


The Michigan State School Aid Act mandates that any district or Independent School District (ISD) that provides an online course via Section 21f must furnish Michigan Virtual with the following data for the preceding academic year:

  • The count of enrollments in each online course offered by the district or ISD to students.
  • The count of enrollments in which the student achieved 60% or more of the total course points for each online course.

This guide explains the procedure for documenting the mandatory information in Michigan's Online Course Catalog.


  1. To begin, access the top menu and select Courses
  2. Next, locate the appropriate course title and click Edit in the far right column.
    The Courses page is shown with search fields and results table. Arrows point to the courses menu option and to the edit button next to the course title.
  3. From here, select the Performance Data option on the left-hand menu.
    Image of Editing Course page showing the Performance Data option selected. Performance data listed in table containing year, enrollment, passed, completion percentage and notes.
    • To add new performance data, select the Add Performance Data button. 
    • To modify an existing entry, click Edit to the left of the relevant school year. 
    • To remove an entry, select Edit and then press the Destroy button.
      Note that when entering the Enrollment Count, input the number of students who were enrolled in the course and for which an 80% enrollment payment was kept within the Enrollment Count field. If the course was offered in the previous year but had no enrollments, enter the number “0”. In the Pass Count field, input the number of enrollments in which the student earned 60% or more of the total course points. Again, if the course had no enrollments in the previous year, enter the number “0”.

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