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Manage Pricing


Districts may need to offer courses and assign different fees within Michigan's Online Course Catalog. This process outlines how to verify and manage pricing using prices, for each course type within your district.


  1. First, tap Prices from the top menu.
    The prices page is shown with results displaying price names, fees and descriptions. An arrow points to the Prices option in the top menu.
  2. Next, perform one or more of the following actions: 
    • Add a New Price
      1. First, tap the New Price button in the upper right corner of the Prices page.
      2. Next, type a response within the Name, Description, Remarks, Course Fee, Drop Policy, and Completion Policy fields. 
      3. Finally, check the Active checkbox to make this pricing available and then tap the Save button.
    • Search for an Existing Price
      1. Begin by inserting a Keyword into the text box and/or selecting the status using the Active drop-down options.
      2. Next, tap the Search button. 
      3. As a result, all related pricing entries will be displayed in the results table.
        Note: To perform another search, simply tap the Reset link to the right of the Search button.
    • Edit an Existing Price
      1. First, tap the Edit button in the far left column of the appropriate price name.
        Note: To narrow your results, follow the Search process above. 
      2. Next, edit the responses within the Name, Description, Remarks, Course Fee, Drop Policy, and Completion Policy fields as desired. 
      3. Finally, tap the Save button.
        Note: Currently there is not a feature which allows for the deletion of a pricing entry. If the entry should not be used, simply remove the check from the Active check box. 

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