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Create Badgr Account


Upon completing a micro-credential learning experience in the Professional Learning Portal (PLP), you will receive a digital badge through Badgr, a platform designed by Concentric Sky to manage digital badges and enable you to collect and share your earned badges. To create a Badgr account and access your badge, follow the steps below.


  1. First, navigate to the Badgr Account Creation page.
  2. Next, choose to either:
    • connect through a social media network account, or
      Badgr account creation page showing the social media options available.
      Note: Depending on the social media account chosen, you might need to allow Badgr to access part of your data and/or confirm Badgr’s Terms and Services.
      Terms of Service Agreement. An arrow points to the Continue button below the checked agreement.
    • Or provide your email address.
      Prompt to insert email is shown with an arrow pointing to the Continue button.
      Note: Badgr will send you an email with a 6-digit verification code, that you have to enter.
      Verification code prompt displays boxes to insert 6 digit verification code. An arrow points to the continue button to press when finished.
    • Provide your first and last name, and set a unique password.
  3. Next, agree to the Terms of Service to create your account and to receive email updates about products & services by checking the first boxes and second if desired and then confirm your data by selecting Create Account.
    Complete Setup page is shown prompting for first name. last name, password, confirm password fields. Arrows point to the first checkbox to agree to terms and to the Create Account button.
  4. At this point, Badgr will greet you with a welcome message. Select Get Started to move to your Badgr Backpack. This is where all badges you have earned are collected.
    Badgr welcome page displaying available features. An arrow points to the Get Started button.Note: Digital badges are awarded to email addresses and can only be added to your Badgr Backpack providing that the email address is one of the verified email addresses on your Badgr account. Please refer to the Check Your Verified Email Address process to learn how you can add and verify additional email addresses. 

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