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Micro-credentials Frequently Asked Questions

I have been awarded a badge, but lost the email. What should I do now?

You do not need the email to access your badge. If you already have a account, go to their login page and provide your account information to access your backpack. The badge will have been added automatically.

If you do not yet have a account, please refer to Create Badgr Account to learn how to set up your account.

My email address has changed. What should I do now?

Please use your old email address to log into your Badgr account. Then you can add a new email address by clicking on Account in the menu bar and selecting Profile. After adding your new contact information, you will receive an email to your newly added email account to verify your new email address. After following the instructions in that email feel free to switch your primary email address to your new contact information.
Note: It is recommended to keep your previous email address listed on your account so your previously awarded badges can be verified. To avoid losing access to your account, we recommend adding a private email address or social network account to your Badgr account, so you are still able to access the account if you change your employer and lose access to your company account.

I have been awarded a badge, but it does not show up in my Badgr backpack. What can I do to fix that?

This badge has likely been awarded to an email address, that is not yet connected to your Badgr account. Please refer to Check Verified Email Addresses to learn how to verify and mitigate the issue.

A badge suddenly vanished from my Badgr backpack. What happened?

If your badge has been revoked by the issuer, it will no longer be displayed in your backpack. Please contact our Customer Care Center if a badge has been revoked from your account by mistake.

I have not accepted my pathway invitation and can not find the email anymore. What can I do now?

Visit and log in with your regular Badgr account credentials. Then click on Apps in the menu bar and tap Pathways. If you have not yet allowed Badgr Pathways access to your Badgr account (step 4 in Badgr Pathways learner path), you’ll have to confirm that. Under “My Pathways” you’ll see a listing of all pathways you are subscribed to.

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