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Course Access and Navigation

Intended Audience: Educators, MiRegistry Members


The following process outlines how learners can access and navigate through a course that has been purchased in the Professional Learning Portal (PLP).



  1. First, log in to the PLP if you haven't already.
  2. From your personalized dashboard, click on the course tile located in the "Active Courses" module.
    Note: If the course includes "(ed2go)" in the title, the Navigating details outlined below will not apply. 
    The Dashboard is displayed with the various modules. An arrow points to the Bloodborne Pathogens 2020-21 item within the Active Courses module.
  3. The course will open in a new tab.
    Note: If the course opens in an entirely new and smaller browser window, please refer to New User Experience for Select PLP Courses


It is worth noting that course designs may differ. However, typically all course designs will provide three tabs: My PLP, Course Links, and Help & Support.

  • The My PLP tab provides links to general resources that are not specific to any one course. Clicking on this link will display My Home, My Account, and Course Catalog. By selecting My Home, users will be taken back to their homepage in Brightspace, the learning management system, and from there they can switch to their other courses. Clicking on My Account will redirect users back to their PLP Dashboard, which contains a list of Active Courses, Completed Courses, and more. If users wish to browse or purchase another course, they can select the Course Catalog option.
  • Course Links is a section that provides essential information to help you navigate the course. The available options will vary depending on the specific course you are taking. At a minimum, selecting Course Links will display Content and Grades as menu options. Additional options such as Course Home, Announcements, Discussions, and Class Progress may also appear. By selecting Course Home, you can return to the course homepage, which serves as the starting point for your course. Note that not all courses are configured to have a course homepage. Content provides you with direct access to the table of content for your course. In some courses, you can also access bookmarks, the course schedule, and an overview from this section. Announcements offer course-related information, but they are not available in all courses. Discussions is a forum where you can participate in conversations. If discussions are part of your course, you will automatically encounter them as you follow the course navigation. You can use the Discussions link in the navigation to check back on discussions you have already accessed following the course navigation. Finally, Grades enable learners to view their progress within the course.
  • By selecting Help & Support from the navigation menu, you can access our SCECH policies or obtain information about how to contact Customer Care.

In the initial course design, the course sections are displayed on the left-hand side in a side menu bar, while the right-hand side will list the items of each section.

The side navigation menu is shown with the table of contents and available options to select.

In the second course design, the table of contents will be positioned in the center of the course access page, and each section can be expanded vertically.

The vertical layout as described above is shown. Each item can be expanded to display the appropriate lesson.

To begin the course in either design, simply click on the top section and choose the first content item. Once you access a content item, it will receive a checkmark in most courses. However, please note that to confirm the successful completion of an activity, you should refer to the gradebook

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