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Drop a Course

Intended Audience: Educators, MiRegistry Members


To discontinue a course in the Professional Learning Portal (PLP) that a learner no longer wishes to pursue, there are two distinct approaches depending on whether the course carries a fee or is free. The following procedure details the steps to drop a course within the PLP.


Free Courses

Within the PLP, learners have the option to unenroll from or drop a free course using this method.

  1. First, login to the PLP and then tap Unenroll from course from the left menu. 
  2. Next, tap the Unenroll button located to the right of the course name in the table.
    The PLP Unenroll from course page is shown with an arrow pointing to the unenroll from course menu option and to the Unenroll button next to a test course.
    Consequently, the course will be hidden from your view, and upon revisiting the dashboard, it will no longer appear in your "Active Courses" module. 

Courses with Fees

To withdraw from a paid course, simply reach out to the Customer Care Center and provide your enrollment details. They will take care of the rest for you. It is important to note that withdrawing from a course may have implications for your professional development requirements, so be sure to check any relevant policies or guidelines before making this decision.

If you are interested in learning more about the terms and conditions for purchasing professional learning services, please refer to the Purchasing Terms & Conditions document.

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