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Find Personal Identification Code (PIC)

Intended Audience: Educators


To ensure the privacy and accuracy of an educator's certificate and professional learning records, a Personal Identification Code (PIC) is assigned and recorded in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). If you plan to renew your certificate or license using State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) in MOECS, you must locate your unique PIC number and enter it into your record on the Professional Learning Portal (PLP). This will ensure that your SCECH credits are accurately recorded in MOECS. Please be aware that if you are not a certified teacher, you will not have a PIC. Follow the process outlined below to locate your educator PIC.


  1. Begin by accessing MOECS.
  2. Next, login to your account using your MOECS or Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) username and password. If you encounter any issues accessing MOECS, contact the MOECS Support Desk for assistance.
  3. In the "I Want to See My..." section, click on the PIC button. Alternatively, you can select "Personal Information" from the left-hand navigation menu.
    Screen capture of the MOECS home page with an arrow pointing to the PIC button in the "I want to see my" section.
  4. Your educator PIC number can be found directly below the "Email" field. Note that if "Not Available" is displayed as your PIC value, it means that MOECS does not have a PIC for your account. In this case, you are required to contact the MOECS Support Desk.
    Screen capture of the MOECS Personal Information page with an arrow pointing to the PIC field.

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