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Substitute Teacher Affiliation Type


When creating and updating your account, you will be required to provide some location data. These fields can be difficult to choose from if you are a substitute teacher. This article describes what to select when registering with the Professional Learning Portal (PLP), or updating your account.


  1. To create an account, access the First Time User Registration.
    Note: If you want to update your account, log in to the Professional Learning Portal (PLP), and select “Edit Account” on the left hand side.
  2. Next, complete the required fields indicated with an asterisk (*). Please double-check that the email you provided is correct as you’ll need access to activate and access your PLP account. If you want to earn State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH), you need to provide your PIC code.
    Account details are shown for a test user. The noted phone number field is shown to display the dashes within the phone number.
    • If you are a substitute teacher working within Michigan, and you are working mainly with one district, please select “Yes” as answer to the question “I am working for a school or school district”. Please also select “Yes” as answer to that question if you are working outside of Michigan.
    • Please select your location appropriately.
    • On the other hand, if you are working as a substitute teacher in Michigan, and substituting in several districts, and cannot name one as the district you are spending most time with, then please answer this question with “No”. This will allow you to select where you reside, please answer the question, and make the following selection appropriately.
  3. Then, check your role and certification information.
  4. Finally, please confirm your account registration with Register or your account update with Update Account.
    The remaining fields of account information are shown as well as the change password section as mentioned above. Arrows point to the Update Account and Change Password buttons.

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