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In effort to supplement student learning for the duration of school closures, Michigan Virtual released course content for more than 70 courses. The content is provided as-is and does not contain assessments or instructors to help students with the content. There will be no grading of assessments and students will not receive school credits for reviewing this content. This article describes how to browse for courses, register and login to view content.


Browse for Courses

  1. First, visit the Free Course Content site.
  2. Next, browse the available courses by tapping the View all courses button.
    Arrow points to the View All Courses button on the Learning Continuity landing page.
  3. As a result, a list of course titles and descriptions will be displayed on the Courses page.
    1. Next, utilize the filters on the right menu pane to limit the number of courses shown by either:
      • Check the desired subject area(s) to apply the filter, or
      • Insert a keyword in the Search for a Course field to limit the results.
        An arrow points to the Search filters to the right side of the list of courses available.
    2. At this point, tap the linked course title to Register to View Course Content.

Register to View Course Content

  1. Begin by tapping the Register link on the Free Course Content login page.
  2. Next, populate the Register to view course content form.
    The Registration form is displayed showing the First Name, Last Name, School/Organization, Email, Password, Confirm Password, Who are you, and Usage Agreement request fields. An arrow points to the Register to view Content button at the bottom of the page. Note: If you have more than one role, you can choose more than one option from the Who are you? drop-down field.
  3. Then review and agree to the terms of the usage agreement and then press the Register to view content button. This will then display the list of available courses.
  4. At this point, tap the course title to view the content.
    A enlarged image of the course list zooms in to show the list. An arrow points to the first result, Advanced Programming: Game Design and Mobile Apps course.
  5. Finally, select each course unit in order to view the content.
    Advanced Programming: Game Design and Mobile Apps Course Units & Lessons page is displayed. An arrow points to the first unit within this course.Note: Refer to Login/Logout processes to exit and return to course content.


  1. To access the Free Course Content site, login with your username (email) and password.
    Note: This password is unique to this site and is not linked to the Student Learning Portal or other Michigan Virtual sites.
  2. To logout, simply tap the Logout button on the top right of the page.

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