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Strategies for Online Success


This article provides information surrounding the Strategies for Online Success course in the Student Learning Portal (SLP).


What is the Strategies for Online Success course?

Michigan Virtual is currently refining and evaluating an online student orientation course. The purpose of this course is to better prepare students for online learning, provide strategies that help students stay on track in their online courses, and increase their engagement in online courses. The information acquired will help us determine whether an online orientation course has an impact on the likelihood online students successfully complete their online courses and whether it impacts student engagement. It is possible that a student will see the orientation course in the “Academic Snapshot” module of the Student Learning Portal dashboard.

How long will it take to complete this course?

It is expected that students will complete the course within 2 hours.

Is taking the course required?

A student will have no consequences if he or she chooses to withdraw from Strategies for Online Success, but participation is encouraged.

Are all students enrolled in this course?

Please be aware that this course was distributed at random to students with Michigan Virtual which means that not all students will see the course.

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