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MDE Teacher Certification Renewal: Michigan Virtual FAQs

Who renews my teacher certification?

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) uses the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) to renew teaching certificates for Michigan teachers. MDE authorizes Michigan Virtual as a State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) sponsor to provide courses that meet MDE SCECH standards. Information about your certificate renewal can be found at MDE – Educator Services.

When do courses through the Michigan Virtual Professional Learning Portal (PLP) need to be complete?

Michigan Virtual processes SCECHs for your course completions regularly. Please allow up to 10 business days after course completion for SCECHs to be uploaded to your MOECS account.

As a special service to our educators, we have extra staff working on SCECH processing towards the end of June. As long as you complete your course completion by June 23, we guarantee your SCECHs will be processed by 6/30.

Please note: Courses often require time for feedback and grading. Please review the messaging within your course to learn whether extra time will be required after you submitted your assignments.

Is it accurate that SCECHs can take ten business days to appear in my MOECS account?

Yes. Michigan Virtual is processing SCECHs regularly, but unfortunately MOECS does not provide a computer interface to do so. Please allow our SCECH coordinators up to 10 business days to upload your SCECHs to MOECS. Once your SCECHs are processed, you will receive an email from MDE requesting you to fill out an evaluation for the course.

Why are my SCECHs not in MOECS?

There could be a variety of reasons. Please begin by checking the following:

  1. In PLP, is your course listed under your completed courses? Check the Professional Learning Portal to verify the course is in your completed list. The Check Course Completion Status article can guide you through how to check. If the course is not listed under Completed Courses, please access your course and check your gradebook to see whether you need to re-do some work. Please remember that a facilitated course must be graded by your facilitator. Once all grades are marked as completed in Brightspace, please allow up to a day for your completion to appear in the Professional Learning Portal.
  2. Have ten business days passed since course completion? If not, please be patient while our SCECH coordinators are uploading your SCECHs to MOECS.
  3. Do you have an evaluation due in MOECS? For MOECS to record your SCECHs in your transcript, you must claim them first. If you experience issues with the evaluation, please contact the MOECS help desk at 517-373-3310 or via email.

Please contact the Customer Care Center if you need assistance in PLP after checking on your course completion.

Please contact MOECS if you have questions about your MOECS account.

Would you like to learn more about the Michigan Virtual PLP and earning SCECHs?

Please visit the PLP Online Solutions for SCECH Courses page for additional information.

How do I find my MDE PIC?

Please refer to the Find Personal Identification Code (PIC) Guide.

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