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Speaking Tests


Speaking tests within a Middlebury course will use the recording feature and can be a practice or graded activity. Before beginning a graded speaking test, make sure that you have plenty of time to complete the assignment. If you need to close or exit for any reason, all work will be lost and the test will restart from the beginning.


  1. First, tap the Scoring Guide button at the bottom of the page under the “Useful Tips” section.
  2. Next, review this material and ensure you have everything you need before beginning.
  3. Then read the instructions carefully by tapping the green speaker icon and/or reading the text to the right.
  4. Next, respond (by selecting the red microphone icon) to each question.
    Note: If you receive an “Adobe Flash Player Settings” dialog box, tap Allow to continue. This should only appear once throughout the test.
    • To end the recording, press the stop (white square inside red circle) button.
    • To playback the recording, press the play (white triangle inside red circle with small x on top) button.
    • To erase the recording and record again, press the small x over the play button.
  5. Continue to proceed to the next question or prompt.
  6. Finally, tap the Submit button when finished.
    Screen capture of a speaking test activity. Arrows point to the microphone icon to record, and to the Scoring Guide and Submit buttons.

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