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Submit an Activity (Students)

Intended Audience: Students


In Middlebury courses, students will encounter both non-graded practice activities and teacher-graded assignments. This article outlines the process for identifying the different types of activities and verifying if they have been submitted. Additionally, this article provides instructions for submitting an assignment or activity if it hasn't been completed.


Identify Type of Activity

In Middlebury courses, there are two types of activities: Practice Activities and Graded Activities. Practice Activities are non-graded and are represented by a blue circle, while Graded Activities are teacher-graded and appear as a red circle. Each circle will display either a paper icon or a check mark. 

If the paper icon is shown, it means the activity has not yet been submitted and you will need to select it to submit the activity. Conversely, if the check mark is shown, the activity has already been submitted.

For more information, you can refer to the Understand Activity Scoring article.

Submit an Activity

Submitting an activity is a straightforward process. Once you have finished the activity, select the circled icon (either blue or red) located in the top right corner of the page. This will cause the icon to switch from a paper icon to a check mark, indicating that the activity has been successfully submitted. 

The example below is a practice activity that has been submitted (check mark) and will not be graded (blue).
Middlebury Activity page is shown with two people walking up stairs. A questions is presented with possible radio button answers to choose. An arrow points to the blue check mark icon indicating that the activity was submitted.

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