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Success Strategies


The list below provides steps or strategies to help students be successful when taking their Middlebury course. These steps have been proven to be useful are highly recommended.


  • Adhere to Policies. The Academic Integrity Statement (under Student Resources) will be reviewed in one of your first course activities. Please read this statement and ensure you know all of the guidelines and rules.
  • Communicate. Understanding who and how to get help is vital to your success. Most students will have an online language instructor and in some cases a school mentor to communicate with.
  • Complete Activities. All activities should be completed in sequential order and on time. Students should not skip activities.
  • Monitor Progress. Instructors will provided feedback for graded assignments, review this feedback as well as any announcements in the course.
  • Practice. Flashcards are among the most fun activities you can complete with classmates. Students should also consider speaking practices and review games for more practice.
  • Repeat Practice Activities. Restarting practice activities will help you prepare for graded assignments and ultimately learn the new language.
  • Set Goals. Write down a date to complete all activities within your course with a certain percentage or higher. Login every weekday to stay on track.
  • Take Notes. Whether you keep a journal, print vocabulary guides or grammar scripts, take notes. These materials can be reviewed offline, just look for the Print or Script buttons at the bottom of the screens.
  • Understand Expectations, Consequences and Due Dates. Make yourself aware of the course start and end date as these dates may not be the same for your peers. Ensure that you are following the pacing guide provided for this course. And finally, review course announcements or speak with your instructor to ask what is expected of you.

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