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Understand Activity Scoring


Students will need to understand how the various types of activities will be scored before choosing to submit.


  1. First, take note of the practice activities, these are identified with blue icons.
    • The multiple choice activities can be completed and resubmitted as many times as necessary for students to feel confident in their understanding of the content. To resubmit, press the blue button with the two arrows.
    • Open-ended activities that contain writing or speaking will not be scored and no feedback will be provided.
      Note: This does not include journal entries.
  2. Next, recognize the graded activities, which are identified with red icons.
    • Multiple choice activities only allow one attempt and are auto-graded. The correct answers will automatically appear after submission.
    • The open-ended activities that contain writing or speaking will be graded by the instructor. Grades can be viewed in your gradebook when the grade has been awarded.

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