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Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition FAQs

Do I need to register on the same device the app will be installed?

No. You can complete the registration and purchase information on any device. You will then need to download Minecraft: Education Edition on the device you want your child to use. Please note, Minecraft: Education Edition can be downloaded on all computer devices except Google Chromebooks.

Will I be able to download Minecraft: Education Edition on multiple devices?

You will be limited to one device. Once a student begins their challenges on the Minecraft: Education Edition platform, we recommend they complete the rest of their work for camp on the same device, as their work will be saved to that device. If your child will be traveling or visiting relatives this summer, you might consider using a portable device (e.g. a laptop or iPad) for your student to complete their work.

Are refunds available?

No refunds will be available for Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition.

Will this be eligible for academic credit?

While our Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition challenges students to keep their minds active over the summer, it is not eligible for academic credit.

What resources are available to learn how to get started?

Access other educational lessons, challenges, and worlds available for download on the Minecraft: Education Edition website.

Can I register more than on child?

Yes. Fill out the enrollment form again using the same information. This will generate a second email with new credentials for the other child(ren).

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