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Michigan Virtual Grading Policy and Expectations

  • Instructors will score and provide feedback on student submitted assignments within 72 hours (96 hours for ELA and AP courses) of submission during typical business days.
  • Discussion-based assignments (DBAs)¹ MUST be scheduled in advance with the instructor, according to the directions the instructor has posted in class. We strongly encourage students to avoid waiting until a deadline to schedule their DBAs as peak submission times can impact instructor availability.
  • Instructors are authorized to provide their own class policy for revision, redo or re-submissions. This option is provided at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Many Michigan Virtualexams are password-protected to ensure the integrity of the course material, as a result, passwords MUST be requested from the instructor by the mentor at least 24 hours (M-F) prior to test proctoring.
    • Passwords can ONLY be provided to mentors.
  • Due to scheduled data transfers from Learning Management System (LMS) grade centers to the Student Learning Portal (SLP), it may require up to 24 hours for scores in the SLP to reflect updated scores in certain LMS.
  • End of term final scores will be finalized and submitted within a week after the student end date.
  • Requests for early submission of final scores MUST take into account both the instructor grading window and updating cycle within the SLP. As a result, please allow a minimum of 4-5 business days (depending on course involved) between when a student submits work and the final score is processed. Although instructors will try to submit these sooner, during peak submission times instructors could receive hundreds of submissions a day which are graded based on when they were received.
    • Michigan Virtual cannot honor last minute requests for early final scores due to the considerations listed above.
    • Once a final score is submitted, students & mentors no longer have access to the course in the LMS.
    • Final scores required prior to the student’s end date MUST be requested by the mentor.
    • Mentors should ONLY make this request when the student has completed a course. It should not be used as a gauge of student progress. Requests for readmission to the course are limited.
  • All work to be considered for official grading purposes need to be submitted in the Learning Management System (LMS) for future audit and reference requirements.
  • Items submitted after the student’s end date will not be included in the final score. This includes blank and/or empty assignment submissions (cannot be used as a time/space holder), assignment formats the instructor cannot open, or documents the instructor does not have permission to view.
  • Any scores in dispute must be addressed in writing within 60 calendar days of the final score submission to be considered for review.
    • To be considered for review, documentation indicating an error in grading or calculation must be presented. Any work would need to have a verifiable timestamp to ensure the submission was made prior to the end of the course.
    • If a technical error occurred in the submission process, documentation such as an email showing the instructor was aware that the student could not submit the work per LMS and approved submission in another form would need to be provided.

¹ Discussion-based assignments require students to schedule a phone call or virtual meeting with the instructor to discuss specific course content. These are not included in all classes but are common in World Language and Math courses.

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