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Entering Zeros in the Grade Book for Missing Assignments

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by a local teacher as part of a collaborative partnership.  


By default, the grade book in Brightspace for Collaborative courses is set up to calculate grades based on points earned out of points attempted. Assignments that are not completed do not affect a student’s grade. It may be helpful to enter zeros for assignments that are missing so that the overall grade calculates the missing assignments as zeros. If you would like to enter zeros in the grade book, follow the steps below.


  1. First, access your Brightspace course and navigate to the Grades page.
  2. Next, scroll across to locate the assignment you want to enter zeros for.
  3. At this point, tap the drop-down menu next to the assignment name and select Enter Grades.
    The Grades page is showing a table containing grades for students within the course. An assignment drop-down menu has been expanded with an arrow pointing to Enter Grades option. Another arrow points to the scroll bar to indicate how to see the assignments available.
  4. Finally, enter zeros for missing grades, add feedback if desired and then tap the Save and Close button.
    The Enter Grades page is shown with a table including the student, submission, grade, scheme and feedback columns. An arrow points to the Grade entry box and to the save and close button. 

Note:  Entering zeros for an assignment, quiz, or discussion does not prevent the student from going back and completing the assignment. Once they do the assignment, the previously entered zero will be replaced with the new grade. If it is a teacher-graded assignment, it will come through Quick Eval just like other items that need to be graded.

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