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Brightspace Dates FAQs

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by local teachers as part of a collaborative partnership.

Terms to Know

  • Due Date - the date and time that a content item is due
  • Availability Dates - a start and/or end date that defines when a content item is available and visible to students
  • Content Item - anything that appears in the Lessons menu (unit, folder, lesson, assignment, quiz, discussion)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can students submit work after the due date has passed?
    • Yes. The due date does not prevent students from submitting late work.
  • How do teachers know when an assignment is submitted late?
    • On the student’s assignment detail page, it will be noted that the assignment was submitted late as well as the number of days it was late.
      Quiz View
      The Quiz view is shown with the Timing section showing time spent, time limit and submitted late days.
      Assignment View
      The assignment submission information is displayed showing days late.
      Note: There is nothing on the Quick Eval page to denote that an assignment has been submitted late. This information can only be viewed on the assignment detail page.
  • If a student completes a quiz after the due date, will it come to Quick Eval?
    • If the quiz is set to come to Quick Eval (due to the presence of teacher-graded items), then it will continue to come to Quick Eval after the due date has passed. If the quiz is not set to go to Quick Eval (because it is autograded), then it will continue to not come to Quick Eval after the due date. If you wish to change this setting so that the quiz would come to Quick Eval, then you can make that adjustment on the quiz Edit page by unselecting the Automatic Grade option on the Assessment tab.
      The assessment tab is selected and the automatic grade section is shown. A checkbox is shown for the option to allow attempts to be set as graded immediately upon completion.
  • Why can’t I set a due date for a Discussion Board Assignment?
    • Unfortunately, Brightspace only allows Availability Dates to be set for Discussion Board Assignments. You can, however, add a calendar event for a Discussion Board Assignment with the due date, which will be visible to students on the Calendar widget on the Class Homepage (if the Calendar is enabled in your course).
  • What happens when a student tries to access a content item outside of the Dates of Availability that have been set?
    • For lessons, folders, units, assignments, and quizzes, the following applies. When a start date has been set, the content item will not display in the Lessons menu until the date arrives. When an end date has passed, the content item will no longer be visible to students on the Lessons menu. 

      For Discussion Board Assignments, you have options about what you want to happen before the start date and after the end date. These options are available on the Edit Topic page for the Discussion.
      The Availability section is shown with the Has End Date and Has Start Date enabled. Both are visible with access restricted after end/start.

  • Where do due dates appear?

    • Due dates are shown on the Lessons page, the Calendar widget on the Class Homepage (if enabled), and on the actual assignment, quiz, or discussion page.

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