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Access the Count Day Report

Intended Audience: Mentors 


The purpose of this article is to show mentors how to access the Count Day Report in the Student Learning Portal (SLP). Please note that Count Day Reports are generated daily around noon.  


  1. First, locate the "Count Day Report" widget located on the SLP homepage.
    Note: There are two reasons why the Count Day widget may not appear on your dashboard: (a) if the drop-down displays "Affiliation User", you will need to change it to "Mentor" per dual roles, or (b) add the widget by referring to the Customize My Dashboard article to add it. 
  2. Next, tap the Get October 2022 Report link within this widget.
    The count day report is shown on the SLP dashboard. An arrow points to the Get October 2021 report link in first cell of the table.
  3. As a result, an excel document will open for you to view the file. Once opened, you will be prompted for a password. The password is your last name (capitalize the first letter of the last name) and the Mentor ID #. If you need assistance on locating your mentor ID, refer to Find My Mentor ID.
    Excel prompt is shown with an arrow pointing to the OK button below the password field.

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