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Email Address Changed


Learners who have recently had their email address changed will need have their Professional Learning Portal account updated to ensure they have the ability to login and access previously completed course records. This article describes how to submit a ticket to the Michigan Virtual Customer Care team to update the account. 


  1. First, populate the Submit a Ticket form.
    1. Insert your current email address in the Your Email field.
    2. Type your contact information in the Phone Number field.
    3. From the Which service do you need help with? drop-down field, choose "Professional Learning".
    4. Select "Account or Logging in" from the What do you need assistance with? drop-down field.
    5. Type "Change Email Address" in the Subject field.
    6. Populate the description field with the following information:
      1. Full Name (First and Last)
      2. Previous/old Email Address
      3. New/current Email Address
      4. Personal Identification Code (PIC)
      5. Explanation/description of email address change (retired, change to personal email, district email change, etc.)
    7. Check the "I'm not a robot" checkbox and then tap the Submit button. 
  2. At this point, a Customer Care Representative will adjust your account and respond when your account has been updated.
  3. Finally, return to the Professional Learning Portal Login page and enter your new email address.
    Note: Your password will be the same as it was before, but if you are unsure of what it was simply select the "Forgot your Password?" link to reset it. 

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