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Progress Checks Dashboard

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by a local teacher as part of a collaborative partnership.


This article explains how Instructors can use the Progress Checks Dashboard to access Gradebook data such as progress checks, student activities, and grade activity. To display this information, filters can be applied. It is recommended to download these reports as CSV or Excel files because the report is large and may not render fully in other download formats. The Excel format will preserve any shaded formatting.


  1. First, access the Insights Report Builder. 
    1. First, login to the Student Learning Portal (SLP).
    2. Next, tap Go to Courses within the left menu and choose Brightspace
    3. Then tap Data and Insights and select Insights Portal

    4. Next, tap Insights Report Builder to show the dashboards in a new browser tab.

  2. Next, view the Progress Checks Dashboard and filter views.

    1. Begin by hovering over the menu icon (hamburger, three horizontal lines on top left).

    2. Then expand the Instructor Dashboards - CI option and choose Progress Checks.
      The left menu is expanded to show Instructor Dashboards CI options. An arrow points to the Progress Checks option.

    3. At this point, you will see 5 widgets appear. The first 3 filters (Term, Course and Student) are connected to the results widgets, Gradebook Report and Progress Checks. To view the results, you may use as many filters needed to display your data. Simply select the drop down to place a check next to one or more of the available options and then tap Apply.
      The Progress Checks Dashboard is shown with the GR - C - Term filter expanded. The 22-23 Sem 1 option is checked and arrows point to these as well as the Apply button.

    4. When the results widgets are updated, you may apply an additional filter. Located at the bottom of the page, select the drop down to place a check next to one or more of the available options and then tap Apply

      Using the Progress Checks Filter will display the information for the selected criteria which will be updated in both the Progress Checks and Gradebook Report widgets.

      The GR - C - Progress Checks filter is shown with an arrow pointing to the drop-down.

    5. To remove filters, tap the FILTER VIEWS drop down button located at the top left corner of the page and select None to clear all filters.
      The Progress Checks Dashboard is shown with an arrow pointing to the FILTER VIEWS drop-down at the top left of the page.


  • Why don't I have Student Activity for some graded items?
    There are two possible reasons for this,
    (1) This can happen for items that the student doesn't have anything to submit, or are done outside of Brightspace and the instructor enters a grade - ex. Conversation Assignments in our World Languages courses.
    (2) This can happen for grade items that are created through LTI or other integrated tools. These tools send the grades through integrations and the system doesn't always grab a Student Activity Stamp.
  • What's the difference between Student Activity and Grade Activity?
    The Student Activity column will give information about the last time something was submitted/posted/completed. The Grade Activity column will give information about the last time the grade item was updated.
  • Why do I have a grade activity stamp and Points Earned is blank?
    Not all activity will result in a grade. Activity such as giving feedback can show-up here. To get the best picture of what is going on, it is recommended to go to the specific item in the course.
  • Why are the progress checks missing for my course?
    The progress checks are a special grade field that is calculated based on assignment grades, if there are no grades for that learner in that group it may not appear. Once the learner receives a grade for an item that is in that group the progress checks will start displaying properly.

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