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School Administrators Obtain Course Certificate Public URLs

Intended Audience: School Administrators


In order to verify completion of courses in the Professional Learning Portal (PLP), School Administrators can instruct their staff to generate a public link that shares their course completion certifications. This process outlines the steps to provide these instructions and provides an example of what the link will generate. For record keeping, it is recommended that School Administrators take a screenshot to capture the information that is generated from the public URL. Note that staff members have the ability to remove the public URL at any time, which will render the link inactive.


  1. First, instruct the staff member(s) to follow the steps to generate a public URL for their course certificate. To do this they will need to follow the Generate a Course Certificate Public URL process. 
  2. Once the staff member(s) have copied their URL, ask them to share it with you.
  3. Access the shared URL to view the page and take a screenshot. The web page that is displayed after clicking on the URL will appear similar to the image below. An example of the publicly shared certificate is shown. There are 4 highlighted sections, recipient, description, issuer and criteria.

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