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Manually Send Completed Courses to MiRegistry

Intended Audience: MiRegistry Members


Users who complete MiRegistry courses have the option to manually send the information about their completed courses from the Professional Learning Portal (PLP) to MiRegistry. This choice allows you to select which completed course(s) details to transmit to MiRegistry. If you don't choose the course(s), no information will be transmitted to MiRegistry from the PLP. This guide outlines the process of sending this information to MiRegistry to obtain Continued Education Units (CEUs). 

Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for the credits to appear on MiRegistry.


Setup Your PLP Account

If you have already established your account, you may skip this section and proceed to Send Completed Course Information to MiRegistry.

  1. First, Find Registry ID on MiRegistry Website.
  2. Then login to the PLP website.
  3. Next, from the left menu, tap Edit Account
  4. Then scroll down the page to view the MiRegistry ID field.
  5. At this point, insert your MiRegistry ID and then tap the Update Account button. Please note that the MiRegistry ID is not your Personal Identification Code (PIC) or password. It should only consist of numeric digits, and special characters are not permitted.
    The Edit Account page is shown with an arrow pointing to the MiRegistry ID and to the Update Account button below.

Send Completed Course Information to MiRegistry

  1. First, from the PLP homepage, tap MiRegistry Course List from the left menu. You will see a tabled list of completed courses. Courses will only appear in this list if you have Setup Your PLP Account and if the course meets qualifications to receive CEUs. 
  2. Next, tap the Needs Approval button within the "Send to MiRegistry" column for the appropriate Course.
    The MiRegistry Course List is shown with a table of completed courses. An arrow points to the Needs Approval button listed in the Send to MiRegistry column.
  3. After selecting the button, it will be marked as "Approved." Please keep in mind that it may take up to 48 hours for the credits to be visible on MiRegistry. If you do not see your completions on MiRegistry after 48 hours, refer to Why aren't my completions getting to MiRegistry?
    The MiRegistry Course List is shown with the Needs Approval button changed to Approved.

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