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Why aren't my completions getting to MiRegistry?


MiRegistry can only receive your course completions if you have accurately setup your Professional Learning Portal (PLP) profile. Follow steps below to verify you have properly setup your profile.


Verify MiRegistry ID is Present

  1. First, login to the PLP website and then tap Edit Account
  2. Next, scroll down the page to view the MiRegistry ID field.
    If you do not have an ID listed in this field, MiRegistry will have no way to receive your completions. You will need to follow instructions for locating your MiRegistry ID and then choosing to manually or automatically send to MiRegistry.
    If you do have an ID listed in this field, continue by verifying that you have manually or automatically sent the completions to MiRegistry. 

Verify Completions Sent Manually

  1.  First, login to the PLP website and then tap MiRegistry Course List.
  2. Next, if there are completed courses listed in the table with a "Needs Approval" button displaying in the "Send to MiRegistry" column, they have not been sent to MiRegistry. Simply tap the button to send your completion.
    If you wish to setup your profile to allow these completions automatically, refer to the Automatically Send Completed Courses to MiRegistry article. 

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