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How do I know if my course is eligible for MiRegistry credit?

Intended Audience: MiRegistry Members


To determine if your course is eligible for MiRegistry credit, you can follow either of these two methods: (1) Search for it in the PLP Catalog, or (2) Check if it is listed in the MiRegistry Course List within the PLP. 

This guide explains how you can verify the eligibility of your course, whether you are yet to register or have already completed a MiRegistry course.


Verify Before Course Registration

To verify course eligibility for MiRegistry credit before registration, you can follow this method that does not require you to log in to the Professional Learning Portal (PLP). Simply visit the PLP Catalog and search or filter courses. Look for the MiRegistry logo displayed alongside the course. If the logo is present, it means that the course is eligible for MiRegistry credit.

The PLP Catalog page is shown with an arrow pointing to a course with the MiRegistry logo.

Verify After Course Completion

To access the list of your completed courses that are eligible for credit in MiRegistry, follow these steps:

  1. First, login to the PLP website.
  2. From the left menu, select MiRegistry Course List. A table will appear containing a list of courses you have completed, which are eligible for credit. If you come across a "Needs Approval" button in the "Send to MiRegistry" column, you can refer to the process of Manually Sending Completed Courses to MiRegistry.
    The MiRegistry Course List is shown with a table of completed courses. An arrow points to the Needs Approval button listed in the Send to MiRegistry column.

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