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  • Download, Install and Login to Minecraft: Education Edition

    Introduction:  This article describes how to download, install and login to Minecraft. Note: Before proceeding with the steps below, be sure to complete the Enroll steps first.  Details: First, visit the Get Minecraft: Education Edition page to download ...

  • Enroll in Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition

    Information:  Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition is a video game where children are asked to use their creativity and ingenuity to complete educational challenges at their own pace. These challenges are designed to be repeatable, so students can start over upon c...

  • Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition FAQs

    Do I need to register on the same device the app will be installed? No. You can complete the registration and purchase information on any device. You will then need to download Minecraft: Education Edition on the device you want your child to use. Please note, Minecraft: Edu...