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Display Third-Party Offerings

Intended Audience: District Users 


Michigan’s Online Course Catalog enables its users to exhibit courses available in their district's catalog. This procedure outlines the steps to showcase a third-party course offering in the aforementioned catalog.


  1. First, go to the Course Administration page and click on Find 3rd Party Courses.
    Image shows the Courses page with an arrow pointing to the Find 3rd Party Courses button located at the top right side of the page just next to the New Course button. Below are the search drop-downs.
  2. Next, use the drop-down menus to filter the results and click on Search.
  3. Then select the desired course(s) by marking the checkbox on the left of their name(s), and click on Add Courses.
    The 3rd Party Course Search Page shows various drop-down filters with ACT Mastery selected for the Entitiy. Arrows point to the Search button, to the Course selection checkbox and finally to the Add Courses button. Only one course was selected for this example.
    Once the course is selected an add courses button is available at the top of the table. An arrow points to this button.
  4. At this point, a prompt will appear requesting you to enter the Vendor Code. Once you have entered the code, you may select the "Import Reviews" checkbox if you want to include the iNACOL or NSQ National Standards for Quality Online Courses. Please note that if you require a Vendor Code, you must follow the Request Vendor Syllabi Code process.
  5. Finally, click on Add Courses to add the selected course(s) to your local district catalog.
    The 3rd Party Course Search Page is grayed out and displays a pop-up window prompting for a Vendor Code. An arrow points to the Add Courses button.

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