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Browse Courses by Specific Districts


Several Michigan school districts offer courses that are available to students attending their schools and to students who do not. Schools, guardians and students can browse Michigan’s Online Course Catalog to view district offered courses and quickly identify how students can register.


  1. First, access Michigan’s Online Course Catalog.
  2. Next, locate the Browse Courses By Specific Districts section (lower right) on the homepage.
  3. Then tap the school district of interest.
    Screen capture of the home page showing an arrow pointing to Ann Arbor Public Schools within the Browse Courses by Specific Districts section.
  4. As a result, the Search Results page will be shown.
  5. At this point, tap the Course Title of interest to display general details.
    Note: Courses that display “District Only” text to the right of the course name are only available to students enrolled in this school district.Screen capture of Search Results displayed when Ann Arbor Public Schools was selected. An arrow points to the course title Common Core Algebra 1A. District Only appears in gray next to this option.
  6. Finally, tap the View Details button to see additional course information.

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