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Understanding Micro-credentials

Intended Audience: Educators

Micro-credentials have become a popular certification system that recognizes individuals for their proficiency in a particular competency. Unlike traditional certification models like the SCECH, which awards participants for their attendance, micro-credentials evaluate individuals based on their ability to demonstrate mastery of a specific skill or knowledge.

Micro-credentials are designed to be competency-based, personalized, job-embedded, research-based, shareable, and self-directed. As a result, the learning experience of a micro-credential is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual learner.

During the micro-credential learning experience, learners are encouraged to explore and utilize a variety of resources to develop evidence artifacts that demonstrate their mastery of the targeted competency. The artifacts produced during the learning experience can be shared and showcased to others through a digital badge that is awarded to the learner upon successful completion of the micro-credential.

If you have been awarded a micro-credential, there are various steps that you can take to access and manage your digital badge. For instance, if you have lost the email containing your badge, you can still access it through your account. If you have changed your email address, you can add a new email address to your account and switch your primary email address to your new contact information.

In conclusion, micro-credentials provide a flexible and personalized approach to certification that allows individuals to demonstrate their proficiency in a particular competency. The ability to earn and showcase digital badges has become increasingly popular and can be managed through platforms like

Here are some micro-credential articles to get started:

These articles provide valuable information on micro-credentials, how to set up a Badgr account, how to access your digital badge, how to check verified email addresses, and frequently asked questions.

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