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Bloodborne Pathogens Course Enrollment

Intended Audience: Educators


This document contains instructions for learners who need to complete their professional development requirements by taking the Bloodborne Pathogens course. It provides guidance on how to locate, register for, and access this course in the Professional Learning Portal (PLP).


  1. First, access the Professional Learning Portal, and type "Bloodborne" in the search bar. Press Enter or select the Find Course button.
  2. Next, review the course information and select the "Info" link if you need more information.
  3. Then tap the Register button next to the desired course tile.
    The Register for Course page is shown with "Bloodborne" typed in the search box. An arrow points to that, the info link in the course tile and to the Register button also within the course tile.
  4. Now, select Proceed to Checkout to enroll. If prompted to login, use your email and password credentials. If you forgot your password, select "Forgot your password?" and follow the instructions to reset it. If you are a new user, select "Create an account" and follow the instructions. You'll receive an activation code via email.
    The Bloodborne Pathogens Register button changed from Register to Added to Cart. An arrow points to the Proceed to Checkout link at the top right corner of the page.
  5. At this point, review your order details and select the Confirm button to complete your transaction.
    The confirmation page displays the course details and cost. An arrow points to the Confirm button.
  6. After confirmation, tap Go to Dashboard to access your dashboard in the PLP.
    Confirmation message appears indicating successful enrollment. An arrow points to the Go to Dashboard button.
  7. The Bloodborne Pathogens course will appear in the "Active Courses" module on your dashboard. Select the course tile to start the course.
    As mentioned above, the dashboard is shown with the Bloodborne Pathogens course shown. An arrow points to the course tile within the Active Courses module. 

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