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Check Course Completion Status


Once a learner has completed a course within the Professional Learning Portal (PLP) the course may not immediately display in the "Completed Courses" module within the Dashboard. The list below describes why.

  • Blended and Online Facilitated course grades are released by the instructor who may choose to release grades only when all learners have finished the course.
  • Other self-paced courses may post grades immediately depending on how the course was designed.

If applicable to your course, State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) credits will be uploaded to the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) within 10 business days from the completion date.

This process describes how learners can view the course completion status.


  1. First, access the Professional Learning Portal.
  2. Next, log in with your Email and Password in the appropriate fields then select the Login button.
  3. The Dashboard will then appear and the course will be displayed in the "Active Courses" or "Completed Courses" modules.
    • For courses in the "Active Courses" module, in addition to the course title, the guaranteed course access dates are listed.
      • You will not be able to access your course if the start date of the course is still in the future.
      • You might be dropped from the course at any point, if the end date of the course has passed.
        As mentioned above, the dashboard is shown with the Bloodborne Pathogens course shown. An arrow points to the course tile within the Active Courses module.
  4. If your course is fully completed, it will appear in the "Completed Courses" module after about 12 hours. For completed courses, the completion date and the achieved grade are displayed next to the course title. Clicking on a completed course will allow you to download the course completion certificate.
    As mentioned above, the dashboard is shown with an arrow pointing to the the Completed Courses module on the right side. Another arrow points to the Download Certificate link, this is shown when a completed course is selected.
  5. If you feel your course should appear in the "Completed Courses" module, but it is still marked as active, this can have several reasons:
    • It takes about 12 hours after you successfully completed all activities for the completion certificate to be generated and the course to appear in the "Completed Courses" module.
    • One of the activities in the course might not be completed successfully, please access the course by clicking on the course tile, and check your gradebook in the course.
    • Some activities in our courses require instructor feedback. Please check the course to learn when you can expect to be graded. 
    • Facilitated courses might not release the grades until the end date of the course has passed. Please check your course whether that is the case.
  6. Once your course is displayed in the "Completed Courses" module, Michigan Virtual will process your completion. If the course is eligible for SCECHs, and you have provided your PIC and name exactly as they are listed in MOECS, then our SCECH coordinator will upload your SCECHs within 10 business days to MOECS.

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