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Completion Certificate


When a course is complete and a final grade is set, users will receive a completion certificate. This process describes how to locate a certificate for a completed course within the Professional Learning Portal (PLP).

Unable to see a certificate? See Check Course Completion Status.


  1. Begin by accessing the Professional Learning Portal.
  2. On your dashboard, the “Completed Courses” module shows finished courses.
  3. To access your certificate, click on the course tile. A pop-up on the left-hand side will allow you to select the “Download Certificate” link.
    On the right side of the page the Completed Courses module is shown. With the first completed course selected, there is an option to download the certificate. An arrow points to that option.
  4. The next action depends on your browser settings. As a result the file might be automatically downloaded, a new window might open, or you might be able to select whether you would like to save or open the file. If you opened the file, hover over the top portion of the downloaded file to use the print or save options within the PDF.
    Screen capture of the certificate of completion within the browser.

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