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Professional Learning Portal Password Reset


All existing users have the ability reset their Professional Learning Portal (PLP) password. This article describes how to request a link to set a new password to access the system again or how to change your password if known. 

Users who have not registered for an account must follow the First Time User Registration process. Those who have had their email changed recently should contact the Customer Care Center


Existing User Unable to Login

  1. First, go to the Professional Learning Portal welcome page.
  2. Then tap the Forgot your Password? link.
    The PLP login page is shown with Email and Password fields. Along with forgot your password and create an account links. Below also is the login button.
  3. As a result, a new page will be shown prompting for your email address, or phone number. Insert your information and then tap the Reset Password button.
    Note: If you have not yet provided your phone number, you’ll have to use your email address to reset your password. If you email address has changed, please contact our Customer Care Center.
    The password assistance page is displayed. The Email or phone number text box appears with the Reset Password button below.
  4. At this point, an automated email will be sent to you. Please check your inbox for this email, and follow the link to set and confirm your new password.
    Note: A valid password contains at least 8 characters, lower and upper case letters, at least one number and at least one symbol.

Existing User Able to Login

  1. First, go to the Professional Learning Portal welcome page and Login
  2. Next, tap Edit Account from the left menu and then scroll down to the Change Password section. 
  3. Then place a checkmark within the Change my password box. 
  4. Now, enter your current password within the Old Password field. 
  5. Next, enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields. 
  6. Finally, tap the Change my Password button.
    The Edit Account page is shown with the page scrolled down to the Change Password section. Arrows point to the Edit Account option in the left menu, to the Change my Password checkbox and to the Change My Password button at the bottom.

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