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Update Profile or Change Password

Intended Audience: Educators, MiRegistry Members


This article provides instructions for learners on how to update their account information in the Professional Learning Portal (PLP). The process includes adding or modifying personal details such as name, cell phone, PIC information, as well as changing the password.


Edit Account

The first step for learners is to login and select the Edit Account option from the left-hand side menu. Depending on the circumstances, learners may be automatically directed to this page to review and modify their information. The initial section labeled "Edit Account" contains the following fields, each described in detail below. To implement changes, learners must click on the Update Account button in order to update the information in these fields.


It is crucial to have an accurate and up-to-date email address to access a learners PLP account, reset passwords, and receive enrollment and completion information. If their current email address is no longer the preferred email address, they will need to follow the Email Address Changed process as the email field cannot be modified (it will appear grayed out).

First Name, Last Name and Cell Phone

Learners have the flexibility to modify their First Name, Last Name, and Cell Phone fields as required. It is worth noting that if a learner is a Michigan educator who intends to obtain State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) credits for certification renewal, their name should be entered in the identical format to their name in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS).

Do you have a PIC? and PIC

If educators are taking courses to earn SCECH credits for certification renewal, they must provide their Personal Identification Code (PIC). To do so, select "I have a PIC" from the "Do you have a PIC" drop-down field and enter the number in the PIC field. If you need assistance in obtaining your PIC, refer to the Find Personal Identification Code (PIC) process.

Do you work for a school or school district? Do you reside/work in Michigan?

To answer these questions, you can choose either "Yes" or "No" using the provided radio buttons. If you happen to be a substitute teacher, please make sure to consult the PLP Account specifically designed for Substitute Teachers.

County and District / Country and State

In case you answered "No" to the question "Do you reside/work in Michigan?", you'll need to select a Country and a State from the drop-down menus. Conversely, if you responded "Yes" to the same question, you will be prompted to choose a County and a District from the available drop-down options.

What is your professional role? Which certificates do you hold?

To complete this section, tick the checkbox next to the most appropriate role from the following options: "Teacher (Intern, Provisional, Professional)" or "Support Staff". Then, proceed to check the box(es) that correspond to any of the following roles, if applicable: "Administrator", "Mentor", "School Counselor (Temp, Preliminary)", or "Other".

MiRegistry ID

The MiRegistry ID field should only be filled by individuals who are part of the Michigan Early Childhood and School-Age workforce. These learners can refer to the Find Registry ID on MiRegistry Website process to complete this field.

Change Password

If a learner needs to modify their password, they can do so in the "Change Password" section located below the "Edit Account" section described earlier. To initiate the process, learners should check the box labeled "Change my password". Until this box is selected, the fields mentioned below cannot be modified (and will appear grayed out). After correctly filling out the fields mentioned below, learners must click on the Change my Password button located at the bottom of the page to update their password.
The change password section shows the old password, new password and confirm password fields. An arrow point to the Change my Password button.

Old Password

Learners must enter their current PLP account password in the "Old Password" field. In certain situations, the password may have been stored by the browser, making it difficult for users to recall it. In such cases, learners may click on the "Forgot your password?" link.

New Password

Input the new desired password into the "New Password" field, ensuring that it meets the following criteria: it must consist of a minimum of 8 characters, including both uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one numerical digit, and at least one symbol.

Confirm Password

Enter the same password that you have typed in the "New Password" field again in the "Confirm Password" field. The passwords must match exactly.

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