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How do I know if my course is eligible for MiRegistry credit?


There are two ways to determine if your course is eligible for MiRegistry credit. This article describes how to verify before you have registered or after you have completed a MiRegistry course within the Professional Learning Portal (PLP). 


Verify Before Course Registration

  1. First, visit the PLP Catalog.
  2. Next, as you search or filter courses you will need to look for the MiRegistry logo. If this logo is present, it is eligible for MiRegistry credit.
    The PLP Catalog page is shown with an arrow pointing to a course with the MiRegistry logo.

Verify After Course Completion

  1. First, login to the PLP website.
  2. Next, tap MiRegistry Course List from the left menu. 
  3. At this point, you will see a table containing a list of courses you've completed that are eligible for credit.
    The MiRegistry Course List is shown with a table of completed courses. An arrow points to the Needs Approval button listed in the Send to MiRegistry column.

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