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Clearinghouse: Advanced Search


In pursuit of highly specific research articles and publications pertaining to K-12 online and blended learning, users may find themselves in need of a more targeted search approach. The Research Clearinghouse, a comprehensive repository of knowledge, offers a powerful set of tools and functionalities to facilitate such focused searches. The following steps outline the process for conducting a targeted search, enabling users to pinpoint the most relevant and applicable resources with precision.


  1. First, tap the Advanced Search tab. As a result, a list of fields are displayed to help narrow the amount of search results displayed.
  2. Next, populate one or more of the filter fields and then tap the Search button at the bottom of the page.

Users can delve deeper into specific records by utilizing the view details function. This feature provides comprehensive information about a particular record, enabling users to gain a deeper understanding of its content and relevance to their research objectives.

Furthermore, the Research Clearinghouse offers a convenient export functionality, allowing users to seamlessly transfer their selected records into various formats suitable for further analysis or integration with other tools and applications.

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