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Clearinghouse: Results


Upon executing a search within the Research Clearinghouse, users will be presented with a dedicated "Search Results" section, which will dynamically populate below the search interface. This section serves as a centralized hub, displaying a curated list of relevant items and resources that align with the user's query.


To streamline their research process and organize their findings, users can leverage the "Star" functionality. By starring their favorite or most pertinent items, users can seamlessly add them to their personal library, creating a personalized collection of resources tailored to their specific needs and interests.
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Furthermore, the Research Clearinghouse offers a convenient "Export" feature, enabling users to effortlessly transfer the items from their library into a Word document format. This versatile capability ensures that users can readily incorporate their curated research materials into various workflows, reports, or presentations, enhancing their productivity and facilitating seamless knowledge sharing.
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In addition to these organizational and export capabilities, users can delve deeper into individual records by tapping the View button. This feature provides comprehensive information about a specific record, offering insights into its content, relevance, and potential applicability to the user's research objectives.
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