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PLP: Course Completion

Intended Audience: Professional Learners/Educators, MiRegistry Members


After a learner finishes their course, it will be transferred from the "Active Courses" section on the Professional Learning Portal (PLP) Dashboard to "Completed Courses". Once it's in the "Completed Courses" section, learners may download their certificate of completion.

In order to verify completion of courses in the Professional Learning Portal (PLP), School Administrators may instruct their staff to generate a public link to share course completion certifications. Learners should refer to Publicly Shared Certificates.


  1. First, access the PLP Dashboard.
  2. Next, tap the course title within the "Completed Courses" section.
  3. At this point, tap Download Certificate.

Why Course is Missing from Completed Courses

The "Completed Courses" section within PLP Dashboard may not immediately display a course as completed after a learner finishes it. Here are the reasons why this could be: 

  • Incomplete Assignments: Checkmarks in the grade book only indicate that the lesson has been accessed, not completed. To check course completion, check the grade book in the course's "Course Links" tab.
  • Blended and Online Facilitated Courses: Grades are released by the instructor, who may choose to release them only when all learners have finished the course.
  • Self-paced Courses: Course grades may be posted immediately, depending on how the course is designed.
  • Grade book Sync: Once all required assignments have been completed, it typically takes 12 hours for a course to trigger a completion in the PLP Dashboard. This is because the course grade book needs time to sync with the PLP Dashboard. After completion is triggered, learners can download their Certificate of Completion.
  • Educators with a MOECS account seeking SCECH credits: Reference Course Completions & MOECS.
  • Members of the Michigan Early Childhood and School-Age Workforce seeking CEUs: Reference Course Completions & CEUs.

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