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Clearinghouse: Generate and Submit Output File

Intended Audience: Project Contributors


To ensure a seamless integration of resources into the Research Clearinghouse, project contributors are required to export the relevant files from their bibliographic software. This process facilitates the transfer of curated materials, enabling contributors to enrich the repository with their insights and findings.


  1. First, export files.
    1. EndNote
    2. Google Scholar
    3. Mendeley (desktop version)
  2. Next, email the Clearinghouse and attach the exported file. 

For questions please reach out to the Director of Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute® (MVRLI®) team at [email protected]

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Export Files


  1. First, tap the Style Selection drop-down menu from the main EndNote toolbar.
  2. Next, tap Select Another Style.
  3. Then navigate to "RefMan RIS Export" and select Choose.
  4. From the File menu, select Export.
  5. Designate a name and location for the text file, then click Save.
    Note: For EndNote X or later versions, to export your entire library, ensure that "Export Selected References" remains unchecked. With EndNote X1 and subsequent versions, verify that on the "Export File Name" screen, the "Output Style" is set to "RefMan (RIS) Export."
  6. Open the text file you exported from EndNote in Microsoft Word. When prompted for the encoding option, select Other Encoding and choose Unicode (UTF-8).
  7. Finally, in Word, select File > Save As and save the document with a new name as Plain Text, ensuring that the encoding option is set to Windows-Default.

Reference: EndNote online: export references to an EndNote desktop library.

Google Scholar

  1. Initiate the process by logging into your Google Scholar account.
  2. Proceed by tapping the Settings option.
  3. Within the Bibliography Manager section, locate the Show Links to Import Citations into line and change the selection to "RefMan".
  4. Confirm your changes by clicking Save, and then commence your search using Google Scholar.
  5. Once you have identified the relevant search results, save each desired reference as a .ris file by clicking on the Import into RefMan link located below each search result entry.

Mendeley (desktop version)

  1. First, highlight the references to export. 
  2. Next, select File and then choose Export
  3. Then save the file in the RIS format type.

Reference: How can I export my library?

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