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Buzz Navigation

Intended Audience: Students


Students enrolled in essential courses will use the Buzz Learning Management System (LMS). The following information will guide them through navigating their course.


  1. First, access your essentials course through the Student Learning Portal (SLP).
  2. Then tap the various tabs in the top navigation bar to view the following pages:
    • Courses, this page shows tiles containing courses you have been enrolled in.
    • The To-do List will show a list of activities currently do, if applicable.
    • Activity Stream will display a list of notifications as they pertain to your course(s).
  3. Next, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the page to display the left navigation menu. Here you will find the following options:
    The Buzz menu options are displayed to show Grades, Notes, Communication, Calendar, Course, and Help options.
  4. Finally, tap the course tile to access course content.
    Buzz platform landing page shows credit recovery course as a tile in the body as well as the top navigation menus.

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