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Retrieve Personal Identification Code (PIC)

Intended Audience: Educators with MOECS Account


MOECS, the Michigan Online Educator Certification System, is a secure online platform used by certified teachers in Michigan to manage their certification records, apply for certificates and endorsements, and handle renewals. A Personal Identification Code (PIC), a unique six-digit number, is assigned to certified teachers within MOECS to protect their privacy and ensure accurate record-keeping. The following instructions provide educators with guidance on acquiring this code from MOECS.

Not everyone has a PIC; it is specifically for certified teachers in Michigan. However, individuals interested in taking courses through the Professional Learning Portal (PLP) can create an account without a PIC by providing necessary information on the registration page and selecting the option indicating they do not have a PIC.


  1. First, visit MOECS and log in.
    Note: The Login Name field should be populated with the MOECS or Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) username. For additional assistance logging into MOECS, please contact the MOECS Help Desk or tap the "Login Assistance" link.
    Image shows MOECS website with an arrow pointing to the Login section on the right side of the page.
  2. Next, tap the PIC button.
    Note: This button will appear on the homepage below the "I Want to See My..." section.
    Screen capture of the MOECS home page with an arrow pointing to the PIC button in the "I want to see my" section.
  3. At this point, locate and copy the PIC number displayed.
    Note: If the PIC displays "Not Available," it indicates that MOECS lacks a PIC for the account. In such circumstances, please get in touch with the MOECS Help Desk.
    Screen capture of the MOECS Personal Information page with an arrow pointing to the PIC field.
  4. Finally, add the PIC to your PLP profile.
    To renew their certificate or license using State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) credits acquired from a Professional Learning Portal (PLP) course, educators must initially ensure their PLP profile includes their PIC. This step is crucial for Michigan Virtual to record these credits in MOECS accurately.

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