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Collaborative Admin: Count Day Dashboard

Intended Audience: Collaborative Mentors, Admin Users
This article pertains to courses taught by a local teacher as part of a collaborative partnership.


Count Day is when all public schools in Michigan tally the number of students attending their schools. This report presents student activity data within a specified time frame, commencing from February 14, 2024, at 12:01 AM EST and concluding on March 14, 2024, at 11:59 PM EST. If accessed before February 14, 2024, it will display "No Activity in time range" for all students.



  1. First, tap Data and Insights from the Brightspace Navbar and then select Insights Portal.
  2. Next, select the Analytics Builder tab and then select the "Insights Report Builder" link.
  3. At this point, a new tab will open. To view the dashboard, open the menu at the top left of the page, expand either  "Affiliation Dashboards" or "Mentor Dashboards" (based on role), and then select Count Day.


Users can refine the results shown on the Student Progress dashboard by applying filters. To use these filters, simply click the button (located next to the Filter Views button) in the top menu bar. After selecting a filter, users can choose the specific criteria, and then click the Apply button. If needed, users can clear all applied filters at any time by clicking the Filter Views dropdown and selecting None.


  • Users can utilize the Activity, Course, and Student cards as filters to refine the results in the "Count Day Report" card.
  • The Count Day Reportcard will display information for the filtered students. Information includes student name, email, section, submission date, activity and type. Please note the following:
    • Repetition of Assignments: The report may display the same assignment more than once. This occurs because each discussion board post, quiz attempt, and assignment submission by a student is shown to indicate their activity at that particular time. Graded/LTI items are also included, and any modifications to the gradebook grade can be made by either the instructor or the LTI integration.
    • "Activity in Time Range": This term is used to summarize and count items listed for a specific learner within the provided date range. If no activity is found for the specified date range, it will display "No Activity in time range."
    • "Student submitted Test/Quiz" vs. "Auto Submitted Test/Quiz": The report distinguishes between these two categories for tests and quizzes. In some cases, if a student exits a quiz without finalizing their submission, the system will automatically submit the test/quiz on behalf of the student after a certain period of time has passed.


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