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MiCourses: View of Course Details

Intended Audience: Students, Parents/Guardians, Schools


Michigan’s Online Course Catalog is populated with course titles and syllabi submitted by local school districts. Course information such as, description, details and enrollment methods can be easily located for each course by tapping the View Details button when searching for course offerings.

The page consists of several sections, and each section is described below.

  • Course Description
    This section will contain a summary of the course. 
  • Course Details
    Refer to this section to obtain information such as course title, provider, content provider, standards (MMC, NCAA), academic terms, alignment document(s), and/or NCES SCED codes.
  • How to Enroll
    Reference the How to Enroll article for detailed information.
  • Additional Information
    Consult this section for further details about the course. 
    • Academic Support Available provides contact information for the course provider.
    • Course Outcomes / Objectives will describe what the student will have learned upon the successful completion of this course. 
    • Course Review will display the iNACOL and NSQ National Standards for Quality Online Courses.
    • Course Outline will provide syllabus information.
    • Current Offerings will display the enrollment windows, drop date, course start and end dates, number of seats and course fees.
    • Drop and Completion Policies reveals the drop and completion policy details by term.
    • Instructor Contact Expectations will display the acceptable methods of contacting the course instructor.
    • Technical Requirements will show course technology needs.

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