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Diagnostic Tests

Intended Audience: Students


The Essentials program places great emphasis on diagnostic testing, which serves as the initial phase of each course and carries significant weightage. Students are advised to allocate sufficient time and exert their utmost effort when taking these tests, as they play a crucial role in the course's overall assessment. It is recommended that students take the diagnostic tests before commencing work on a particular unit, rather than attempting all of them in one go.

The Importance of Diagnostic Tests

One of the key benefits of passing a diagnostic test is that students can skip the corresponding lesson and move ahead if they have already grasped the topic or mastered the required knowledge. However, it is crucial to answer all the questions, including essays, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. 

It is recommended that students take the diagnostic tests before starting a specific unit, as some subjects follow a scaffolding approach, wherein previous units contain information relevant to the diagnostic tests. Emphasizing this aspect of the course can significantly enhance a student's learning experience.

Guidelines for Taking Diagnostic Tests

Upon completion of the diagnostic test, students can access their results immediately or by clicking on "My Grades" in the gradebook.

In order to test out of a lesson, students must achieve a perfect score of 100% in the diagnostic test, which is a one-time attempt only. Hence, it is crucial that students give their best effort during the initial sitting of the test and ensure that they have sufficient time to complete it in one sitting. It is also important to comply with the Michigan Virtual Academic Integrity Policy, which prohibits the opening of any additional windows during the test. To avoid any technological or academic integrity issues, it is recommended to have all student exams proctored.

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