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Navigating the Essentials Gradebook


The Essentials Gradebook can be viewed by accessing the “Grades” icon Grades icon is displayed as a chart symbol.from your course in the Buzz Learning Management System (LMS). The following information can be noted when viewing “Grades.”


  • Scores for tests and assignments are reported as percentages.
  • The total points in the course may vary per student based upon the number of lessons which each individual demonstrates mastery through scores earned on lesson pre-tests
  • Students will be exempted from the points possible on a lesson quiz associated with successfully passing a related lesson pre-test.
  • Note that any exempted lessons and corresponding assignments will no longer be visible in the student “Activities” feed or student gradebook in Buzz.
  • In the Student Learning Portal (SLP), the exempted assignments are currently displayed with a blank in the “Grade,
  • “Completed,” and “Exempt” columns, though the overall point totals and percentages are accurate.
    Example of the 06.01, 06.04, and 06.08 exempted assignments in the sample SLP gradebook.
  • The “Overall Score” line at the bottom of the gradebook in the SLP is the best indicator of a student’s overall progress in the course when compared against the total points possible.

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